Practice Areas

Civil Law
Gouvêa Vieira Advogados is able to intercede in the best interest of their clients, both in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, in a variety of issues involving civil, commercial and administrative law. Our team of lawyers works decisively and expertly on these issues to protect the interest of our clients.
GVA acts in litigation, representing clients in various courts including representation before higher courts and administrative bodies in matters relating to civil, commercial, consumer, environmental and administrative law.

The firm also operates in class actions, such as class action suits, collective action suits, and suits related to warrants or security. 

GVA has a department specializing in management and litigation of cases of varying scope and scale, and possesses infrastructure and experienced lawyers qualified to serve on a national scale, catering for customers both large and small.

From its experience and expertise in litigation, GVA is able to advise its customers in the adoption or amendment of policies and procedures, aiming to eliminate and mitigate their exposure to future lawsuits, as well as reduce the number of actions.
GVA assists in the preparation and review of civil and commercial contracts in order to ensure legal certainty for business and activities of their customers.
Real Estate
GVA is active in real estate law, assisting and advising clients on the purchase or sale of real estate in both urban and rural areas for all sizes of transactions including real estate developments, shopping centers and issues involving rental and associated fees.

The firm also has a presence in the contentious area of property law, representing clients in litigation involving general real estate contracts, eviction, renovations, and contentions between tenants and management of property.
Succession and Family
GVA assists and guides clients on succession planning, as well as acting in the preparation of wills, inventories and non-judicial listing or any other litigation involving matters of inheritance. The firm also issues opinions on questions of succession.

In family matters, the firm advises and guides clients in drafting prenuptial agreements, opinions, and to act judicially in matters of separation, divorce and interdiction.
Our firm has a strong presence and large experience in the insurance and reinsurance sectors, both in consulting, with emphasis on preventing disputes and administrative proceedings, and on litigation.

Our practice is broad, from services during the registration of companies with regulators, to writing policies and advising on other operational procedures, as well as actively participating in the stages of adjustment and settlement of claims
GVA is present nationwide in litigation of matters involving securities, defense of its clients' interests in claims filed by the insured, whether class actions, or claims brought by plaintiffs seeking compensation that is due
Consumer Law
GVA assists and guides clients in contracts under the terms set forth in the Brazilian Codes of Consumer Protection, working on consumer rights matters within the judicial and administrative spheres, therein included class actions
Administrative Law
GVA provides legal assistance in bidding and in any kind of competition policy, advising clients on assessments and review of contracts. The firm has also been extensively involved in lawsuits involving issues related to administrative law

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